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I took the children up to the Southbank just before Christmas to take some personal photos in my favourite part of town. I don’t seem to turn the ‘proper’ camera on them much nowadays and whilst I love the iPhone and it’s versatility there’s no competition

lyanne wylde_0516pinthislyanne wylde_0513pinthislyanne wylde_0514pinthislyanne wylde_0495pinthislyanne wylde_0517pinthislyanne wylde_0497pinthislyanne wylde_0505pinthislyanne wylde_0492pinthislyanne wylde_0506pinthislyanne wylde_0493pinthislyanne wylde_0499pinthislyanne wylde_0515pinthislyanne wylde_0496pinthislyanne wylde_0500pinthislyanne wylde_0494pinthislyanne wylde_0501pinthislyanne wylde_0503pinthislyanne wylde_0504pinthislyanne wylde_0511pinthislyanne wylde_0512pinthislyanne wylde_0502pinthislyanne wylde_0507pinthislyanne wylde_0509pinthislyanne wylde_0508pinthislyanne wylde_0510pinthislyanne wylde_0498pinthislyanne wylde_0518pinthislyanne wylde_0519pinthislyanne wylde_0520pinthiswhen you use the big one.

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