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I love shooting at home, your home, not mine.  There are several reasons for this but mainly if I didn’t shoot at your home we’d either shoot in a studio (which to me is boring, bland, sterile and anonymous, not to mention unfulfilling and soul destroying for me as a photographer) or out on location. I love heading out but with our dear old English weather it often leads to rearranging, muddy children, bright red noses and flat dull light.  Which is why I love shooting at home. As a photographer I get to be a bit “through the keyhole”, I am kept on my toes by different sizes houses with different light and decor keeping my work fresh and to more personal.  Then of course it means you have to do the tidying and dusting 🙂 but mainly it means everyone is relaxed, we can shoot all over the house which gives children the breaks they need between ‘sets’ and for you as my client it means I capture not only your family at a point in time but also a place in time too. Often a newborn is photographed in their first home which as we all know isn’t usually their forever home.  This is why I love working in your home.  And this shoot was such fun, a gorgeous girl, wonderful parents and a home that made my camera finger twitch with aesthetic pleasure.  Combining design and happy faces makes me a very happy Ly.lyanne wylde_0532pinthislyanne wylde_0533pinthislyanne wylde_0534pinthislyanne wylde_0535pinthislyanne wylde_0536pinthislyanne wylde_0537pinthislyanne wylde_0538pinthislyanne wylde_0539pinthislyanne wylde_0540pinthislyanne wylde_0541pinthislyanne wylde_0542pinthislyanne wylde_0543pinthislyanne wylde_0544pinthislyanne wylde_0545pinthis

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