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{F&L I do <3 // Westerham Kent Wedding}

Not many weddings make me cry, but this one did, and more than once.  But before I share my slight embarrassment at not being able to remain professional can you guess what Fran does for a living?  When I arrived she was doing her bridesmaid’s hair, she tinkered with her own, her sister’s, her own, her other bridesmaid, in fact if was only her Dad and me that didn’t get teased and sprayed (mine really needed it too).  The day was perfect – blue sky and sunshine and warm but not like earlier in the week when it’d been roasting and would have left everyone a sweaty mess.  Their church service was perfect and everyone was visibly moved by the service and their beaming smiles.   This was the first time I cried, no I fib. The first time was when Fran put her dress on – of course she is a right stunner so looked fabulous but i was, in my head, fast forward to my girl’s wedding. What a proud day for the parents too.  The third time I cried was when their friends sang during the signing of the register and then the final time was after their first dance when Fran’s dad (whom I adore and am adopting as my second dad – handily they have the same name) sung a surprise song (I loved her first, Heartland) – which just finished everyone off. Such a beautiful day. I want to do it all again and I’m sure they do too. Congrats Mr & Mrs S. x

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