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what to expect

Before your shoot
Before your shoot will contact you by email and/or telephone to establish exactly what you’re after and who I’m photographing.

What happens if one of us is poorly?
I always prefer to re-arrange if one of you is poorly, especially the children as poorly children do not make happy photos. Obviously rearranging the shoot may mean having to wait a few weeks for an available session. Please try and give me at least 24 hours notice although obviously if your child wakes poorly then let me know as soon as you can.

What to wear?
Some clients like to dress in similar clothes, whereas some like to express their individuality however I do recommend that you avoid heavy branding and try to ensure that no one clashes, I find that the dads often need more help with this than the kiddies 🙂

During your shoot I recommend that the children change outfits at least once to give few options when you come to choose, for example babies can be captured in their nappies with their cute rolls on show and then in a vest/babygro and outfit. It just gives you more options at the choosing stage.

How long will the shoot last?
Newborn shoots last 2-4 hours.  I don’t hurry shoots and your precious newborn is the least predicable in terms of feeds, changes etc. Generally though the newborn shoot is 2-3 hours, closer to 3 if there is another sibling to capture too.

Family and maternity shoots last 1-2 hours but again, I don’t hurry the shoots and so don’t book anything for immediately after the session is due to end!

Do you photograph big family groups?
Family shoots are just your immediate family so mum, dad and kiddies.  For larger shoots please contact me to discuss.

Where do you shoot?
I don’t shoot in a studio as it doesn’t suit my style of photography so everything you see on my website and blog is shot either at shot at home or out on location.  I will often incorporate your home and personality into the images but don’t feel that you need to have a big Elle Decoration-worthy home, or that it needs to be perfectly tidy as I always work with what I find to create the look that I want for our images. I shoot in most rooms including the master bedroom as the light is usually very good and the kiddies are always happy and relaxed in mummy & daddy’s room.

What do I need to do before you arrive?
Ensure that the husband is dressed!  I’d say 8/10 times they never are fully dressed and often still in the shower although *apparently* this is because: they’ve been up all night with the kids/getting the kids ready all morning whilst you straightened your hair/running errands/ironing clothes (delete as applicable). Just get the clothes out for the children and if there’s anything else you specifically want to use or to capture during the shoot then keep it out so we can discuss it at the start of the shoot.

What happens after the shoot?
I carefully select my favourite images for your shoot and hand edit them in photoshop to a fully edited and polished final image which I will present to you in password protected gallery on my website.

The gallery generally comprise 30-40 colour and black and white images from which you can order beautifully framed prints, canvases, albums or any of the other products that I offer. If you have specific requirements then we can either discuss during the shoot or after once you’ve had a chance to view your gallery.

How long is my gallery online?
The ordering period is two weeks, after this time there may be a charge for putting the gallery back online (this doesn’t apply to the bump to baby package, with this you have 4 weeks after the provision of the newborn gallery).

Can I share the gallery with family to order directly?
Yes, of course.

How long do you keep the images for?
I keep the images for 6 months after the end of the ordering period, unless otherwise arranged.

Can I share images on Facebook and other social networking sites?
If you purchase the digital files then yes you can share them but please note that the copyright still remains with the photographer and I’d appreciate crediting when shared online. Please do not screen grab or attempt to download watermarked images from the gallery as this is an infringement of copyright, if you would like low-res images to share then please contact me.

What days do you work?
I work every day and usually, although I am happy to work around the sun and your baby’s routing, I shoot at 10 am. In my experience we’re all fresher in the morning but this is especially true of children, hence the 10am start. During the short days in the Winter I only shoot one session per day, however in the Summer months I will sometimes shoot two sessions but this is rare as I have my own family who need me to run around after them too

Travel costs
Travel up to 30 miles or 1 hour drive is included in the session fee, further than this please contact me for a quote. Additionally sessions incurring congestion charge, parking fees or toll changes will be passed on to the client. Also note that for mid-week shoots sessions will be timed to miss peak rush hour travel.


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