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about Ly

I’m a mum to two: The Musette and The Bear, they’ve taught me pretty much everything I know about photographing children and many other life lessons too – so young and so wise, shame they can’t apply this wisdom elsewhere 😉  Aside from my sprats I also love retro furniture, Japanese toys, note books, soft pencils, purple ink, paper diaries, all things Apple (but not the watch), cheese, chocolate, tea, MAC, running, Sweaty Betty, sunshine and the sea.

It’s cliched but the reason I love photography is simple; capturing and freezing a moment in time.  A photograph doesn’t create a memory but it allows you to be transported back to that moment, that holiday, that year, that toothless grin, those big innocent world at their fingertip eyes.   For me photographs bring a wave of emotion with them and that’s what I aim to capture with every shoot.  As if for one moment time stood still and you could remember every detail of what they were like at that point in time.

I’ve recently undergone a re-brand and updated my galleries – I hope you’ll stop for a look around. I’m always on the look out for a new photographic challenge, so if you think you have one please email me!

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